What is the effect of the depth of field

Explanation: not surprisingly, the benefits is to increase the pixel density can improve the accuracy, although it is a price, the price of it is a larger data file size and longer time to scan. In carefully designed experiments, the ability to accurately measure dimensions in a numerical control scanner is optimized, which is superior to plus or minus 0.001.

Let’s look at figure 16 below. Fpc2 scan precision verification data.

What is the effect of the depth of field?

For image collection, we use a 10% view, and our series of scans is collected from 2.5 d geometry. After each scan, the camera refocuses, and it typically focuses on a new focal plane. Then, in each of the results, the same round features were measured. The relationship between the measurement of diameter measured on the plane and the distance of the focal plane is shown in figure 17.

Explanation: if it is within a small field of vision, fpc2 scanner as a telecentric lens simulation is there, it’s performance has been pretty steady, in this case, the “change” in the depth of the focal plane 0.300 shown in less than 0.002 “change”.

What is the source of the error?

In these measurements, we can see there are a number of error sources, including some of the error and the error is introduced in choosing a distance, and the error is in the scanner fpc3 measurement. The responsibility of the user is to explain the exact location of the edges based on the contrast of pixels. System error is introduced from the limitation of fpc4 positioning repeatability. We know that fpc5 minimum discrete positioning movement 0.0001 “; Shaft drive, however, the influence of other factors in the system (precision ball screw, friction, wind, etc.) are we considered, so we need know positioning repeatability of 0.001 “, or better, decided it was in the fpc2 scanner from introducing a single optical mechanical error. Like any microscope, if you are in the fpc2 scanners used in optical instruments, can lead to something about the image distortion, this situation is caused by some lens distortion, at the same time, can also affect the curvature of field effect.

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