What is the basic size-asynchronous motor,overlapping pulley

Driven by standard three-phase asynchronous motor fpc9 transmission is the final design elements of the fpc1 spindle drive motor driver are done by single-phase fpc7, operation can be conducted on 230 or 115 VAC, variable frequency three-phase power source can also be output at the same time. Under computer control, the direction can be reversed, allowing the operation of the floating faucet to be allowed. The ratio of 300 RPM to 4500 RPM in two overlapping pulleys is infinitely variable. The main shaft and transmission system are simple, strong, efficient and quiet.

How to update:

This document is a simple review of the original fpc1 project. In October 2005, fpc1 went public.

When this document was completely covered by us, there were also places we needed to be aware of. In September 2008, fpc1 was replaced, replacing it with the fpc1 series II model. While the other details of its design remain largely unchanged, the changes in the series II model range from 1.5 HP simulation fpc2 to 2 HP sensorless vector fpc5. Now the speed range has changed, and now it’s 250 RPM to 5140 RPM, and obviously improved low-speed torque has been enhanced and the acceleration and deceleration features have been enhanced.

What is the basic size

Developing a machine that is easier to access, cheaper and more convenient than ever before is the goal of our personal computer numerical control program. A very important aspect is size. We started with a design point of about 1,000 pounds and a shipping box that could be moved to a tray jack. Transport this size can be standard lift truck; If there is a bigger thing, a flatbed truck and forklift are needed.