What is the table design-cutting tool,fpc2 slot

The spindle lock can be added to the last point of our tool replacement system. The standard design of the manual bar is to require two wrenches to loosen the pull rod. Once you release the pull rod, the operator will need the third hand when gripping the tool, then on the workpiece or on the vise. What does a simple spindle lock look like? It allows the tool to change with one hand on the wrench, while the other is on the tool.

When the valve cover is open, the unintentional spindle motor runs can be prevented by the electrical interlock on the spindle cover. This problem can be prevented by mechanical interlocking when the main shaft is locked in the spindle lock.

What is the table design?

While this may seem simple, there are quite a few design discussions. If the fpc1 machine doesn’t have a universal distribution (they have 5/8 slots), then the smaller ones might be our choices, such as 14 millimeters or 7/16, and put five slots in the table. In the real world, is a very common fpc2 slot, you will usually find an aligned key, at the bottom of your press vise Kurt, in view of your favorite discount mail order, have your turntable, and fpc3 nuts. If the industry standard exists, it’s 5/8.

There should always be an odd number of fpc4, so a central slot always has. On the machine, a central slot is allowed to be symmetric, and because of fixtures, greater flexibility can be provided. On one of the prototypes, we tried to use five slots, but we can see that there are too many slots on the table, so enough flat space doesn’t have it. A lot of extra flat space is provided by three slots, so this space is dedicated to two narrow external slots. What is an external slot? It is used to drain or to say a fixed device.