This is the engineering document-fpc1 scanner,Fpc2 CNC scanner

This is the engineering document-fpc1 scanner

Fpc2 CNC scanner

This is an engineering system which is suitable for the low-cost optical measurement and two-dimensional reverse of the numerical control factory.

Here’s an introduction to it.

In the past few years, we have realized that some of the low-cost fpc3 cameras and fpc4’s interesting marriages have been realized. The main applications are optical centering devices. Our colleague John Prentice (John Prentice) just mentioned one thing, that is he for your shop bought a USB microscope, and he was very surprised, for this kind of ability, this time, the beginning is fpc3 scanner project. A quick survey here shows that cheap USB microscopes are now widely used in medicine, biology and other fields as the cheap fpc5 microscope.

If you want to complete the direct measurement of the optical image, usually with a mesh grid can be done, the grid can be placed within the scope of the position is in the view of, its role is to estimate the measured values. Observers can make a fairly accurate linear measurement because they can make accurate measurements based on the size of the grid and the degree of attention required. Of course, the size we can measure is limited to the range of vision. If the wing’s width is to be measured by you, in some ways, this is not a problem; In manufacturing, however, the same is often required if, when measured in larger sizes, there is no better accuracy. If it is a typical manufacturing artifact, what it usually does is call for tolerance dimensions. The key feature is 001.