aluminum alloys- fpc8 pulley,gear oil

Belt rotation is the most simple belt transmission compared with gear. Efficient low-cost transmission is provided by fpc7, which is much less noisy at this time. And there is no such thing as the leakage of the gear oil. What is modern design? The fpc7 can be delivered with the delivery of 1.5 HP on 3L (3/8). It is easy to make the speed change a narrow belt. However, the shift lever moves faster than the fpc8 pulley.

There is a final factor in the design decision between the belt drive and the gear transmission. The last factor is fpc4 and fpc8. There is a requirement that you have to have a ratio change, because (300 to 4500 RPM) about 15:1 is the expected range of the machine. This allows the speed range of standard fpc4 and fpc8 to be exceeded. However, it is easy to achieve the speed range of 5.8:1. What this means is that the required speed range can only reach two ratios, and there is considerable overlap between the two ratios. For example, 300 RPM to 1750 RPM(5.8:1) is the range of low speed, 750 RPM to 4450 RPM (also 5.8:1) is the range of speed. In practice, this overlap means that a lot of things can be achieved, such as changing the pulley ratio is not needed. At high speeds, most plastics or aluminum alloys are processed, and the low speed ratio does not need to be changed. In the low – speed range, we may conduct machining operations and conduct machining operations of steel, iron or stainless steel.

In the range of high speed and low speed, the need of rapid change rate is greatly reduced by the extensive overlap of spindle speed. This makes a lot of things less important, such as the speed ratio change of the gearbox design. Superior reliability and efficiency are both being combined with more quiet operations. Now, as a simple choice, we have modern fpc8. After tried several combinations, a fpc8 developed by us, for 25 seconds, can change the proportion of the pulley, so to speak, this is a small compromise, compared with the transmission, it is a greater restriction.