Measurement of measurement blocks in fpc1 scanner fpc2

Let’s take a look at figure 14. Measurement of measurement blocks in fpc1 scanner fpc2.

Although we initially are ambitious, in terms of optical centering device, is very obvious in the numerical control scanner projects, although the system can be used, and then as an optical centering device, consumer level there is a limit of optical components, equipment for the practicability of this application can be very good.

We know that under the background of other methods of time to prove, from this point, it is very right — in many cases, we can use the dial indicator is our development more quickly and accurately find the center of things. Because of the setup time associated with the optical centering program, most people find it easier to use another method of centering in their daily work that we have always been sure of. The optical centering function is provided by us, as a professional tool, in some cases, it can be said that this is useful.

In figure 15, we can see that in the first image, the focal plane is the same as the measured plane. In the second image, the camera needs to be refocused to make the focal plane below the measuring plane and then on the surface of the object.

How do I validate this?

As with any measuring tool, the combination of the tool’s resolution and the techniques and techniques used to use it can achieve the ultimate precision. With such a statement, the verification data can be presented, allowing the accuracy of the numerical control scanner to be verified in a carefully controlled set of measurements.

What is the accuracy?

In figure 14, a precise set of ground 1 “metering” scans are shown. If you want to improve the image resolution, you can achieve this by lowering the working distance of the numerical control scanner. Then, if you want to measuring tool measuring gauge block, can be finished on fpc2 scanner fpc3 size, as the image resolution function (in the measurement error of pixel density) are shown in figure 16.