What are the engineering challenges of the fpc2 scanner

Its ability to measure is innovative – although there is no shortage of available measurement tools, no solution is a perfect solution for measuring difficult shapes. If the original size mark is not available, what role would it be to recreate these shapes? It can prove that this is a tedious or impossible task. There are countless examples of this, such as watching mechanisms, carvings and complex curves. Generally speaking, even with the improvement of the affordable 3 d scans, its accuracy is often limited, and generally, it is limited to plus or minus 0.005. For many, the results are clearly not good enough.

Expensive optics are designed to be used by inexpensive industrial metering systems, and for small shops that require only occasional use of the technology, this is unlikely to happen. What are the engineering challenges of the fpc2 scanner? It is a tool that can measure both fpc2 components and can afford expensive prices.

As we all know, the universal fpc2 scanner’s control plug-in is universal, and most fpc5 cameras and standard CNC scanner software can be supported by it. Tomah’s open architecture philosophy we have to insist on, especially the changing environment of consumer electronics products that we consider.

Being able to do fpc6 reverse engineering – developing an independent CAD program is not our goal. There are already many good companies that have done better than us, and they are cheaper and better on anything that can be offered. Simply create a fpc7 environment is our requirements, and also can implement a simple measuring and drawing tools, fpc7 can be imported, and enough function can be used to measure and features. In industry standards, this can be exported. DXF format, if necessary, can be further processed in the fpc8 selected by the user.

Designed for the occasional user is an easy-to-use fpc2 scanner. Obviously, for operations, it must be easy to learn and easy to use.

This will be very convenient for all users, so this is also our goal. In order to achieve this goal, it is more convenient and more useful for users to use, so we will make unremitting efforts.

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