Automatic packing line for pipe stacking and binding


More information:

Fhope provides automatic packaging lines for various industrial pipeline and steel pipe equipment. In steel pipe, copper pipe, stainless steel tube bundle, pipe packaging, stacking and other pipe processing equipment. Can provide various types of pipe packaging, automatic or manual two binding methods available. We also provide automatic counting device, lifting equipment. The automatic conveyor is used for stacking, binding and conveying, so that it can be moved by forklift or crane

This automatic pipe packing line has been successfully applied to different enterprises and different production lines. Continuous improvement and development make it reach high-tech level. It is very mature and reliable in the field of tube bundle technology, which can ensure the transportation efficiency of bundled steel pipe. Fhope engineers can evaluate solutions based on specific customer needs.

In fact, Fhope enterprise is the main manufacturer and supplier of tube packing and strapping machine, tube strapping, strapping and other packaging equipment, which reduces the packaging cost of tube products, including a complete set of strapping machine, film packaging and strapping equipment. Fhope also produces a complete set of tube bagging production lines, from basic PE film bags and woven bags to fully automatic and random size tube bundle packaging. Fhope tube bundle scheme is used in enterprises including plastic and steel pipe and other pipe fittings manufacturing. Fhope has been engaged in bundling management for more than five years and serves more than 50 steel enterprises, all of which are completely produced in China.