Tire winding packaging machine

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Tire winding packaging machine and coil packaging machine are special through-hole packaging equipment for loop coil. There are different types of tire packing machines, which can provide NIC packaging solutions for coils. For plastic pipe and hose packers or coil packers, the speed of the rings and rollers can be adjusted by the frequency converter to adapt to the material. It is the most effective package equipment, which meets the requirements of high packing rate, minimum space and low labor cost.

Maintenance and lubrication of winding packaging machine

The winding packaging machine is widely used, which requires us to learn to take good care of the parts of the winding packaging machine in daily use, and carry out appropriate maintenance to reduce the failure of the winding packaging machine in the future, so how to correctly maintain the parts of the winding packaging machine? First of all, for any winding packaging machine, lubricating oil plays a very important role in the whole equipment. The transmission process of many parts of the winding packaging machine needs lubricating oil. How to lubricate the winding machine? Lubrication is the key to the normal work of each part. Here are several parts that need attention in the lubrication of the winding packaging machine

1. Regularly add oil to the gear mesh, bearing oil filling hole with seat and all moving parts of the wrapping machine for lubrication, once a shift, day after day, and persistence is effective. When adding oil to the wrapping machine, please pay attention not to drop the oil on the drive belt, so as to prevent slipping, loss of rotation or premature aging damage of the belt. In order to be responsible for the equipment, Able to provide strong technical support for the future work

2. The reducer is one of the important parts of the winding machine. The reducer must run without oil. After the first use, it needs to clean the inside and replace with new oil. The time is 300 hours, and then replace the oil every 2500 hours. Such cyclic operation can reduce the occurrence of machine faults and extend the service life. This phenomenon is unchangeable and must be carried out conscientiously

Regular and regular maintenance can prolong the service life of the wrapping machine, so how to correctly maintain the accessories of the wrapping machine needs to do the following

Cleaning: it is necessary to keep the machine clean for a long time, especially for the membrane frame part. It is also necessary to keep the surface of the traction wheel clean for a long time without any residue of the stretched membrane. The gear reducer is lubricated by grease, and it is not necessary to change the grease or change it according to the actual situation.

Lubrication: keep lubrication between the inner and outer chains of the chain, add hj20-hj40 mechanical oil, and if there is shaking when the membrane rack moves up and down, it can be eliminated by tensioning the chain. Remove the cover plate of the main column of the winding machine every month to check the transmission parts of the main shaft and membrane frame and determine whether the transmission lubricating oil is sufficient, and then replace the cover plate. (Note: when removing any safety cover, please unplug the power connector and power cord.)

The chain tension of the machine should be adjusted after 10-15 days of continuous use. When the turntable slows down or slips, open the cover of the turntable motor, loosen the four connecting bolts on the deceleration mounting plate, and then adjust the two tensioning bolts clockwise evenly to achieve the required tension, and tighten the four connecting bolts.

In the process of using the tray winding machine, the lifting, chassis and membrane frame drive are completed by the worm gear governor, please use according to the following requirements: use the gear reducer lubricated by oil immersion, if the depth of oil immersion is under or on the side of the worm gear, it is the full tooth height of the worm; if the above one is 1 / 3 of the outer diameter of the worm; It is recommended to use 200 × synthetic worm oil (kinematic viscosity is 320 at 40 ℃); for those with oil mirror, it is 1 / 2 of the oil mirror, and 400ml is recommended to be added if the center distance is a = 63mm; after 7-14 days of operation, new oil must be replaced, and then it should be replaced every year; the lubricating oil with low freezing point should be used when the ambient temperature is lower than – 40 – + 40 ℃.

As the use of lubricating oil is very frequent, the quality of lubricating oil is very important. We must use the one with good quality, and never replace the one with the one with the one with the one with the one with the one with the one with the one with the one with the one with the one with the one with the one with the one without the one, or it will cause bad results. The daily maintenance work of the winding machine is accumulated in the daily life. It is necessary to be persistent and responsible for the equipment day by day. If your winding machine is done well, it will surely extend its service life and make it more comfortable to use. Fengding machinery is determined to solve all problems for customers