Semi automatic tray winding packaging machine

A300型 托盘包装机

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Tray winding machine is also called tray winding packaging machine. The operation of the tray winding machine is to put the packages on the tray, and then wind the winding thin tray film on the pallet goods after the pre-set resistance stretching or pre stretching through the film frame. Therefore, it is also called film winding machine or stretch film winding machine. According to the different ways of unfolding film, the tray type winding packaging machine can be divided into two types: “pre stretching winding machine” and “anti stretching winding machine”. The advantages of the winding packaging machine can improve the logistics efficiency and reduce the loss in the transportation process

Several faults of tray winding

The tray winding machine is a machine placed on the tray for winding products. This machine is to ensure that the products are not easy to be scattered, or easy to carry. How to achieve this? It is to wrap the products with winding film, but there are advantages and disadvantages. When the machine and equipment bring us convenience, there will also be problems. The tray winding machine is no exception. How to avoid this We must understand the specific operating procedures for the faults of the tray free winding machine. The following are the specific operating procedures for the tray winding machine:

A customer once reported a problem with the winding machine. The normal operation of the machine is as follows. The workers put the goods in the middle of the tray, lead the winding film, start the equipment, and the turntable rotates normally. When the number of turns at the bottom of the winding is reached, the mold base starts to rise, and then continues to run. But after the machine rises about 10 centimeters, the mold base starts to fall, and then stops, After restart, it still reciprocates the previous movement. After eliminating the two reasons of black goods on site and the large gap between goods and goods, it was found that the customer’s product style was black, which led to the problem, and the key point was found.

Because the winding machine mold base is started by the photoelectric switch when it is rising, for some goods such as colored glass, goods with weak reflection, goods with large gap between small pieces, transparent goods or in the sunlight or halogen light environment, the photoelectric switch will not work, so the black goods equipment will not work normally, and the tray winding machine will appear the above phenomenon. Therefore, customers need to pay attention to whether there are black or weak color products on site.