Single side sealing of door shrinking machine


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Packaging process: it has a sealing machine with two pressing devices, first covering the door plate with plastic film, then cutting and sealing the packaging edge with a hot blade.

The bag panel is then fed into the hot channel for shrinkage. The shrink package will be very tight and tidy.

After shrinkage, two vertical rollers are used to press both sides of the panel to make the edges neat.

Two vertical pressing rollers are used to press both sides of the panel after contraction to make the edge neat.

Similarities and differences between winding machine and packing machine

In the packaging machinery industry, there are various types of equipment and models, many people will see that the equipment cannot be named, or that it is another equipment, which is easy to be confused. Winding machine and packing machine are two kinds of equipment that people are easy to confuse. Today, Fengding machinery will briefly introduce the similarities and differences between the two kinds of equipment, so that you can distinguish the two kinds of equipment.

The working principle of the winding packaging machine is to wrap the objects that need to be wound through the turntable and the lifting motor to realize the winding packaging of the whole exterior periphery and height of the objects, place the objects in the center of the turntable, start the motor, and the turntable will rotate accordingly, so that the periphery of the objects is packed, and then start the elevator motor when the turntable motor rotates, so as to drive the winding package The whole assembly is installed and moves up and down to achieve the winding of object height direction and complete the whole process. Such a packaging operation mode can not only reduce the production cost and improve the production efficiency, but also make the packaging meet the requirements of the integration of goods storage, transportation and mechanized loading and unloading operations, and prevent the damage of goods in the handling process, playing the role of dust-proof, moisture-proof and cleaning. In the process of winding, the most important thing is to adjust the tension of the film and control the process of threading. How to master the film tension is generally through adjusting the rotating speed of the rotary table and the motor. Under normal circumstances, when the film is tighter, the rotating speed of the rotary table will be greater than the motor speed, and the looser the film is, the opposite is true.

The working principle of the packing machine is to put the unpacked products or small packed products into the boxes (corrugated boxes, plastic boxes, pallets) in a certain arrangement and quantity, and to close or seal the opening part of the boxes. There are two modes of semi-automatic or automatic packing machine equipment. The packing machine shall have the functions of carton forming (or opening the carton), measuring and packing. Some of them also have the functions of sealing or bundling. It does not need to wrap the packing objects, but only needs to put the wrapped products into the boxes and seal them.