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Floor Base Hydraulic Upender

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Fhope, fabricante de la unidad de volteo hidráulico, la máquina de volteo hidráulico está diseñada con estabilidad para productos de inclinación, lo que puede mejorar drásticamente la eficiencia de trabajo
Nuestras volteadoras hidráulicas pueden manejar trabajos pesados ​​de manera suave y efectiva.
Utilizan uno o más cilindros de doble efecto para rotar la plataforma. Una plataforma puede ser significativamente más pequeña que otras. La carga ideal de estos volcadores no es simétrica, como la larga y cilíndrica. Los volcadores hidráulicos pueden manejar trabajos pesados ​​de manera suave y efectiva.
Utilizan uno o más cilindros de doble efecto para rotar la plataforma. Una plataforma puede ser significativamente más pequeña que otras. La carga ideal de estos volcadores no es simétrica, como la larga y cilíndrica.


Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine B200

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La máquina automática de estirado de palets serie B200 se utiliza para envolver la película estirable alrededor de un palet cargado. Puede satisfacer las más altas demandas de capacidad, adaptabilidad de cliente a cliente y es fácil de mantener y económico. La película proporciona soporte adicional mientras los productos se transportan y almacenan para protegerlos de daños. Además, las cargas envueltas se pueden separar e identificar fácilmente. La envoltura automática de paletas elásticas se usa ampliamente en la industria química, el campo de la construcción de la industria electrónica, la industria alimentaria, etc.

La empaquetadora automática de estirado de palets es una máquina de envasado estirable completamente redonda. Su diseño único y especial conecta perfectamente la línea de producción y la línea de transporte con el dispositivo de embalaje. Puede liberar la disposición de la carretilla elevadora para entregar el producto en el almacén, la máquina de envoltura estirable de paletas puede entregar el producto directamente y automáticamente a su destino. No solo es conveniente, sino también muy seguro. Puede reducir grandes gastos hasta cierto punto.
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Aluminum profile stretch wrapping machine

Aluminum profile packing line with timber feeding

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Fhope aluminum packaging machine series is specialized in aluminum profile, rod and other products packaging. Generally it has been divided into four categories- semi automatic type, full automatic type, customized type, bag packaging type. Aluminum packaging machine consists with infeeding and outfeeding conveyors, mainboard, turning ring and control station. Electric components such as PLC and HIM have been adopted to the machine and improves the performance of the machine dramatically. Customized solution will be provided to meet customer’s specific requirement. We make the perfect plan on every details for getting our customers satisfied with the machinery.

Single side sealing of door shrinking machine


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Packaging process: it has a sealing machine with two pressing devices, first covering the door plate with plastic film, then cutting and sealing the packaging edge with a hot blade.

The bag panel is then fed into the hot channel for shrinkage. The shrink package will be very tight and tidy.

After shrinkage, two vertical rollers are used to press both sides of the panel to make the edges neat.

Two vertical pressing rollers are used to press both sides of the panel after contraction to make the edge neat.

Similarities and differences between winding machine and packing machine

In the packaging machinery industry, there are various types of equipment and models, many people will see that the equipment cannot be named, or that it is another equipment, which is easy to be confused. Winding machine and packing machine are two kinds of equipment that people are easy to confuse. Today, Fengding machinery will briefly introduce the similarities and differences between the two kinds of equipment, so that you can distinguish the two kinds of equipment.

The working principle of the winding packaging machine is to wrap the objects that need to be wound through the turntable and the lifting motor to realize the winding packaging of the whole exterior periphery and height of the objects, place the objects in the center of the turntable, start the motor, and the turntable will rotate accordingly, so that the periphery of the objects is packed, and then start the elevator motor when the turntable motor rotates, so as to drive the winding package The whole assembly is installed and moves up and down to achieve the winding of object height direction and complete the whole process. Such a packaging operation mode can not only reduce the production cost and improve the production efficiency, but also make the packaging meet the requirements of the integration of goods storage, transportation and mechanized loading and unloading operations, and prevent the damage of goods in the handling process, playing the role of dust-proof, moisture-proof and cleaning. In the process of winding, the most important thing is to adjust the tension of the film and control the process of threading. How to master the film tension is generally through adjusting the rotating speed of the rotary table and the motor. Under normal circumstances, when the film is tighter, the rotating speed of the rotary table will be greater than the motor speed, and the looser the film is, the opposite is true.

The working principle of the packing machine is to put the unpacked products or small packed products into the boxes (corrugated boxes, plastic boxes, pallets) in a certain arrangement and quantity, and to close or seal the opening part of the boxes. There are two modes of semi-automatic or automatic packing machine equipment. The packing machine shall have the functions of carton forming (or opening the carton), measuring and packing. Some of them also have the functions of sealing or bundling. It does not need to wrap the packing objects, but only needs to put the wrapped products into the boxes and seal them.


Semi automatic tray winding packaging machine

A300型 托盘包装机

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Tray winding machine is also called tray winding packaging machine. The operation of the tray winding machine is to put the packages on the tray, and then wind the winding thin tray film on the pallet goods after the pre-set resistance stretching or pre stretching through the film frame. Therefore, it is also called film winding machine or stretch film winding machine. According to the different ways of unfolding film, the tray type winding packaging machine can be divided into two types: “pre stretching winding machine” and “anti stretching winding machine”. The advantages of the winding packaging machine can improve the logistics efficiency and reduce the loss in the transportation process

Several faults of tray winding

The tray winding machine is a machine placed on the tray for winding products. This machine is to ensure that the products are not easy to be scattered, or easy to carry. How to achieve this? It is to wrap the products with winding film, but there are advantages and disadvantages. When the machine and equipment bring us convenience, there will also be problems. The tray winding machine is no exception. How to avoid this We must understand the specific operating procedures for the faults of the tray free winding machine. The following are the specific operating procedures for the tray winding machine:

A customer once reported a problem with the winding machine. The normal operation of the machine is as follows. The workers put the goods in the middle of the tray, lead the winding film, start the equipment, and the turntable rotates normally. When the number of turns at the bottom of the winding is reached, the mold base starts to rise, and then continues to run. But after the machine rises about 10 centimeters, the mold base starts to fall, and then stops, After restart, it still reciprocates the previous movement. After eliminating the two reasons of black goods on site and the large gap between goods and goods, it was found that the customer’s product style was black, which led to the problem, and the key point was found.

Because the winding machine mold base is started by the photoelectric switch when it is rising, for some goods such as colored glass, goods with weak reflection, goods with large gap between small pieces, transparent goods or in the sunlight or halogen light environment, the photoelectric switch will not work, so the black goods equipment will not work normally, and the tray winding machine will appear the above phenomenon. Therefore, customers need to pay attention to whether there are black or weak color products on site.



Automatic packing line for pipe stacking and binding


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Fhope provides automatic packaging lines for various industrial pipeline and steel pipe equipment. In steel pipe, copper pipe, stainless steel tube bundle, pipe packaging, stacking and other pipe processing equipment. Can provide various types of pipe packaging, automatic or manual two binding methods available. We also provide automatic counting device, lifting equipment. The automatic conveyor is used for stacking, binding and conveying, so that it can be moved by forklift or crane

This automatic pipe packing line has been successfully applied to different enterprises and different production lines. Continuous improvement and development make it reach high-tech level. It is very mature and reliable in the field of tube bundle technology, which can ensure the transportation efficiency of bundled steel pipe. Fhope engineers can evaluate solutions based on specific customer needs.

In fact, Fhope enterprise is the main manufacturer and supplier of tube packing and strapping machine, tube strapping, strapping and other packaging equipment, which reduces the packaging cost of tube products, including a complete set of strapping machine, film packaging and strapping equipment. Fhope also produces a complete set of tube bagging production lines, from basic PE film bags and woven bags to fully automatic and random size tube bundle packaging. Fhope tube bundle scheme is used in enterprises including plastic and steel pipe and other pipe fittings manufacturing. Fhope has been engaged in bundling management for more than five years and serves more than 50 steel enterprises, all of which are completely produced in China.

Tire winding packaging machine

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Tire winding packaging machine and coil packaging machine are special through-hole packaging equipment for loop coil. There are different types of tire packing machines, which can provide NIC packaging solutions for coils. For plastic pipe and hose packers or coil packers, the speed of the rings and rollers can be adjusted by the frequency converter to adapt to the material. It is the most effective package equipment, which meets the requirements of high packing rate, minimum space and low labor cost.

Maintenance and lubrication of winding packaging machine

The winding packaging machine is widely used, which requires us to learn to take good care of the parts of the winding packaging machine in daily use, and carry out appropriate maintenance to reduce the failure of the winding packaging machine in the future, so how to correctly maintain the parts of the winding packaging machine? First of all, for any winding packaging machine, lubricating oil plays a very important role in the whole equipment. The transmission process of many parts of the winding packaging machine needs lubricating oil. How to lubricate the winding machine? Lubrication is the key to the normal work of each part. Here are several parts that need attention in the lubrication of the winding packaging machine

1. Regularly add oil to the gear mesh, bearing oil filling hole with seat and all moving parts of the wrapping machine for lubrication, once a shift, day after day, and persistence is effective. When adding oil to the wrapping machine, please pay attention not to drop the oil on the drive belt, so as to prevent slipping, loss of rotation or premature aging damage of the belt. In order to be responsible for the equipment, Able to provide strong technical support for the future work

2. The reducer is one of the important parts of the winding machine. The reducer must run without oil. After the first use, it needs to clean the inside and replace with new oil. The time is 300 hours, and then replace the oil every 2500 hours. Such cyclic operation can reduce the occurrence of machine faults and extend the service life. This phenomenon is unchangeable and must be carried out conscientiously

Regular and regular maintenance can prolong the service life of the wrapping machine, so how to correctly maintain the accessories of the wrapping machine needs to do the following

Cleaning: it is necessary to keep the machine clean for a long time, especially for the membrane frame part. It is also necessary to keep the surface of the traction wheel clean for a long time without any residue of the stretched membrane. The gear reducer is lubricated by grease, and it is not necessary to change the grease or change it according to the actual situation.

Lubrication: keep lubrication between the inner and outer chains of the chain, add hj20-hj40 mechanical oil, and if there is shaking when the membrane rack moves up and down, it can be eliminated by tensioning the chain. Remove the cover plate of the main column of the winding machine every month to check the transmission parts of the main shaft and membrane frame and determine whether the transmission lubricating oil is sufficient, and then replace the cover plate. (Note: when removing any safety cover, please unplug the power connector and power cord.)

The chain tension of the machine should be adjusted after 10-15 days of continuous use. When the turntable slows down or slips, open the cover of the turntable motor, loosen the four connecting bolts on the deceleration mounting plate, and then adjust the two tensioning bolts clockwise evenly to achieve the required tension, and tighten the four connecting bolts.

In the process of using the tray winding machine, the lifting, chassis and membrane frame drive are completed by the worm gear governor, please use according to the following requirements: use the gear reducer lubricated by oil immersion, if the depth of oil immersion is under or on the side of the worm gear, it is the full tooth height of the worm; if the above one is 1 / 3 of the outer diameter of the worm; It is recommended to use 200 × synthetic worm oil (kinematic viscosity is 320 at 40 ℃); for those with oil mirror, it is 1 / 2 of the oil mirror, and 400ml is recommended to be added if the center distance is a = 63mm; after 7-14 days of operation, new oil must be replaced, and then it should be replaced every year; the lubricating oil with low freezing point should be used when the ambient temperature is lower than – 40 – + 40 ℃.

As the use of lubricating oil is very frequent, the quality of lubricating oil is very important. We must use the one with good quality, and never replace the one with the one with the one with the one with the one with the one with the one with the one with the one with the one with the one with the one with the one with the one without the one, or it will cause bad results. The daily maintenance work of the winding machine is accumulated in the daily life. It is necessary to be persistent and responsible for the equipment day by day. If your winding machine is done well, it will surely extend its service life and make it more comfortable to use. Fengding machinery is determined to solve all problems for customers

全自动管材收卷机 立式管材收卷捆扎机 收卷捆扎包装机


立式管材收卷捆扎机是由风鼎机械专业工程团队设计生产的机器,适用于各种塑料软管卷材。 如:自动PVC管材收卷机,自动PU管收卷机等。 可根据客户的需求与产品定制收卷方案。

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What are the engineering challenges of the fpc2 scanner

Its ability to measure is innovative – although there is no shortage of available measurement tools, no solution is a perfect solution for measuring difficult shapes. If the original size mark is not available, what role would it be to recreate these shapes? It can prove that this is a tedious or impossible task. There are countless examples of this, such as watching mechanisms, carvings and complex curves. Generally speaking, even with the improvement of the affordable 3 d scans, its accuracy is often limited, and generally, it is limited to plus or minus 0.005. For many, the results are clearly not good enough.

Expensive optics are designed to be used by inexpensive industrial metering systems, and for small shops that require only occasional use of the technology, this is unlikely to happen. What are the engineering challenges of the fpc2 scanner? It is a tool that can measure both fpc2 components and can afford expensive prices.

As we all know, the universal fpc2 scanner’s control plug-in is universal, and most fpc5 cameras and standard CNC scanner software can be supported by it. Tomah’s open architecture philosophy we have to insist on, especially the changing environment of consumer electronics products that we consider.

Being able to do fpc6 reverse engineering – developing an independent CAD program is not our goal. There are already many good companies that have done better than us, and they are cheaper and better on anything that can be offered. Simply create a fpc7 environment is our requirements, and also can implement a simple measuring and drawing tools, fpc7 can be imported, and enough function can be used to measure and features. In industry standards, this can be exported. DXF format, if necessary, can be further processed in the fpc8 selected by the user.

Designed for the occasional user is an easy-to-use fpc2 scanner. Obviously, for operations, it must be easy to learn and easy to use.

This will be very convenient for all users, so this is also our goal. In order to achieve this goal, it is more convenient and more useful for users to use, so we will make unremitting efforts.

What is reverse engineering

We have an example application here.

First, what is a manufacturing tool? The fpc1 electrode used for jet turbines is the manufacturing tool

In this example, the role of the fpc1 scanner is to reconstruct the outline of the turbine blades, as shown in figure 1 below. Making a fpc1 electrode is required by the precise outline of fpc2, and its purpose is to reprocess a stator, which is mainly used by the jet engine repair. Previously, the work was done by using an electronic probe to collect two-dimensional point clouds, but the process was time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Let’s take an example, fpc3, carbon tool.

See figure 1. If you want to accurately reproduce the perimeter of the turbine cross section, you can achieve this by tracking the fpc1 scanner.

What is reverse engineering? That’s what we call the mechanical clock movement.

One of the features of fpc4 is that it has a difficult shape to measure. Using the fpc1 scanner, we can design these shapes by tracing the outline shown in figure 2. The technology can also be applied to CAM mechanisms and other complex mechanical shapes.

Let’s look at figure 2. Our fpc5 reproduces the clock movement and USES the fpc2 scanner.

Damaged parts need to be rebuilt: FPC rifle air gun.

On fpc5 rifles, installed in the barrel diameter is around air rifle, and a gas pipe was also supported, the gas tube after launch, can also be some gas separation from the barrel, the ignition device can be reset. Because the fpc2 scanner is adopted, the hole diameter and center spacing can be accurately reproduced. The size graph is then exported to fpc6, allowing the remanufacturing sequence to be designed.