fpc7 motor-fpc8 system, fpc8 motors

Very easy to replace is one of the advantages of the fpc7 motor. We know that the complexity of its exchange is not driven, but mechanical. You know what that means? As long as the rotor quality, torque constant, voltage level and encoder interface are the same, a dead brush motor with another brand can be replaced by you. Outside of the mechanical installation, for those fpc8 motors, there is no industry standard for their specifications.

The fpc9 motor is completely different from the servo system. It is considered to be the “open loop” location system. This means that precise position control can be provided by them, and optical encoders are not needed. About a decade ago, there were all kinds of problems with the fpc6 system. There are many problems with old designs, such as resonance and location loss. This situation can be greatly improved because of the development of micro-steps, anti-resonant circuits, and high-performance motors. Modern fpc8 is now widely used in industrial control, medical devices and other computer control insights.

Fpc8 is very similar to the fpc7 motor, and fpc7 is basically a solid rotor with a permanent magnet. Coil position is on the outside (stator), so there is a problem is the heat will be very few, if sensitive encoder or motor brush is not to have, generally speaking, the lifetime of equipment is fpc7, because it is almost no problem, on a permanent magnet and coil. And they’re cheap. The motion control system that wants to assemble a fpc8 can select a small portion of a typical ac servo system.

Lack of feedback is a disadvantage of the fpc8 system. If an operator is hit by a machine, the motor is forced to leave the position. If the encoder fails to provide feedback, if the fpc0 system fails, the location error will not be reported. When a collision occurs in a machine, if it is based on the feedback of the motor, the motor will be forced to shut down, but for the machine, the error will be they see, then the fault also stopped. In both cases, avoiding collapse is a real problem.