What is a modular framework-milling machine,

What is a modular framework?

While it is our hope that the owners can keep their machines assembled, we also understand that there are times when it is necessary to disassemble. We all know that the very difficult thing is to move the machine up and down the stairs, unless you remove it, and then move it around a part. In these cases, the precision parts of the ball and slide should be kept intact. From the z-axis saddle, the spindle head is used as an independent casting. Its head can be disassembled and on 6 bolt flanges so that the undamaged z-axis can be guaranteed. Remove the column from the base by removing the four bolts and several wires. A crane that can be used to lift the whole machine is also included in this column, or when it is not bolted.

There are four holes in the hole that are included in this base, and it is easy to lift the fork of the machine with a forklift when passing through these holes.

What is the principal axis?

A large number of low-cost tools and accessories have been caused by the popularity of the fpc1 manual milling machine. “Something caught in a feather pen” may be the title of one of the subcategories. Now, the industry standard is “3-3/8” of the bridge’s diameter. Although there is no independent motion pen for fpc1 now, it has a very good center on the main shaft, which is the main shaft nose, which is just 3-3/8 inches in size. We can see that most of these things that are sandwiched on the bridge are going to be clamped on fpc2. PCNC 1100 incorporates a cartridge style spindle. Instead, a design that plugs the main shaft bearing directly into the head iron is now used by us, and the main shaft bearing is installed on a lathe as our choice.