What is an open architecture-expensive machines,personal tool

The concept of personal computer is similar to that of other computers. What is the most important? It must be able to afford high costs. We have to keep producing expensive machines, and in the process of making machines, the costs are high. Only when a machine can truly afford these high costs can we call it a real personal tool. Second, there is ease of use after the purchase, after which. There are also important aspects of individual fpc1 that are easy to move, easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to maintain.

The ability of fpc1 processing can be immediately obtained by individual fpc1. This has added to the work of engineers, inventors, technicians, amateurs, educators and anyone who needs to make things. If the cost of the machine tool is a standard small fpc2 (vertical machining center) 1/5 of this kind of situation, then, a machining class of each student, they can achieve their running, and don’t need to queue, it is can’t think of before. Both in the process of research and development, and in the process of prototyping, a few minutes of time are needed, the machine “ready” and the scene, there is no need for a few minutes. In general engineering, because the design engineers are more direct in the creation of the prototype, we have been greatly improved in the design of production.

What is an open architecture?

In the hyperbole of marketing, the term “open architecture” has been abused, so the result now is that it becomes meaningless. However, we can see that the design concept behind this term is very important. The fully open architecture has not been proposed by us, but rather simple things have been provided, and what our machine architecture looks like.

We want to know, what does open architecture mean to us?