What are the application features-standard control computer

Modular design with module design and industry standard interfaces are what open architecture means. At the same time, the open architecture also means that we should fully disclose the nature of the indirect port of the internal module. How do we apply the concept of open architecture?

It includes the content, the first is the industry standard control computer, which is our PC and Windows operating system, the second is the standard fpc2 code language, also is the knife we said site, the third is the standard drawings and image files, and support the industry standard machine d fpc4 shaped groove, fpc5 spindle taper, fpc6 spindle nose, in addition, also including the motor, here are divided into shaft motor and spindle motor, at the same time, the PC printer port is fpc5 standard internal electrical interface – PC interface.

We want to know why these things are important.

If want to become to the machine is easy to maintain, will need to use the common tools and auxiliary machinery, if you are not specially trained personal service, then the machine manufacturers will not risk you as replacement parts. It is also very easy for machines to modify or consolidate into larger manufacturing systems.

What are the application features?

Providing a fpc1 factory is our goal to create a personal fpc1, with the aim of making short-term application needs very satisfying at the lowest possible cost. Whether it’s research and development, entrepreneurship, education, or hobbyist, they need a machine that can easily and economically operate in a short time. In order to make the short run design meaning well understood, we can compare this application with a more traditional application.

What is open architecture? And what does it mean for us?

In these three years, five unique machines have been designed by us, and we work with five different manufacturers. The original selection of the manufacturer was also chosen after a selection of meetings and discussions with dozens of interested companies.

What is the main shaft and the driving system-spindle motor, drilling machine

In terms of the design of the spindle lock, we can see that it is much simpler, and for the spindle itself, it is hard, and the cost of the machine is lower. The KISS principle is here. For fpc1, there is only one way to move: the whole head is moving. If you really want to do this, then you need to buy a drilling machine or go to Las Vegas to play slot machines.

What is the main shaft and the driving system?

The main shaft drive system consists of the spindle motor, the transmission system and the main shaft itself. These parts are designed to be interrelated, so it is best to design them as systems.

Induction motor, servo motor, and dc brush motor are all considered when we are deciding the motor. Considerable complexity and cost have been increased by Servos and their electronic drivers. Our electric brush motor also has problems, the problem is the maintenance problem, in the induction motor, there is almost no standardization here. In terms of value, simplicity, and longevity, fpc6 is definitely the best solution.

Whether to include unlimited speed is another important decision we face. With the development of cheap fpc7 (variable frequency drive), we can see that the complexity of mechanical transmission is no longer reasonable as a solution. In the 1960s, it was mechanical drives that played a big role in fpc6 machines, but they were also common as a point of failure. Solid-state electronics are characterized by low cost and high reliability, rather than mechanical alternatives to infinite resolution speed control.